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murcia airport

oops looks like i have hit the first snag.

i booked our super cheap flights to murcia airport as it was the least expensive route closest to alicante (our base - free accommodation). i was researching how to get to and from charleroi from brussels (where we fly back from in december) and i decided to do the same for murcia - argh!

murcia airport is an hour away from murcia (itself, an hour from alicante) and seems to have no direct bus or train link. i have seen on some websites that there is a bus, but it leaves the airport at 21.30 (our flight arrives at 20.55) so that would be tight in itself. but but but... the next train to alicante (from murcia) doesnt leave until 5.55am!!!! sleeping rough on our very first night.... ooops.
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mind if i add you as a friend? i would like to watch your journal as you travel and update it, if that is the plan anyway.
that's fine :)